Friday, March 11, 2011

Inquests, Sunsets and Bar Willy - Sevilla

Day 6 (cont'd)

Bridge over troubled water - Triana was known for their fine tile, but had a more infamous reputation branded in the books. These were the (literal) stomping grounds where much of the Spanish Inquisition took place and its museum, though free of charge, definately took a about ruthlessness.

We needed a drink to wash this blood-soaked page of history from our brains and there was no better place to clear our heads than the second-floor, open-air terrace overlooking the river at sunset. The streets still ran red here...only now with sangria.

Bar Willy - Wag more, bark less
With a name like Bar Willy, I wasn’t expecting much. In fact, I figured it was one of those awful America-themed bars like Carlos n' Charlie's, but instead I fell in love with this simple tavern serving beer in juice glasses, seating about 10 and bearing a cast of characters more endearing than the crew from Cheers.

Not that it started out that way. Clearly outsiders and blocked by language, we were taken in with suspicious stares. Genuine effort and congeniality softened them a bit and the barmaid pushed a plate of olives towards us.

But our true “Brady-ing” into the bunch happened when one customer arrived with two Borzois (lanky, Russian greyhound at the pound in Lady and the Tramp) and it only took a moment before Bubba was out of his chair scratching behind both dogs’ ears, conversing in hand gestures with the owner. We were in.

 Just like Lady at the pound, they realized it wasn’t our fault we came from a more gluttonous, entitled land. And as a lady, being humble and polite goes a long way…a bowl of potato chips was pushed over by the barmaid as a reward for good behavior. I had found my new home.

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