Friday, April 4, 2008

San Diego restaurant- Adams Ave Grill

Grilling me softly

Adams Ave Grill might not be able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but they have managed to make one out of crab meat and walnuts, giving a luxurious new meaning to "pursing your lips". This all around good guy grill is easy to miss with its modest storefront exterior, but shines within all of the mealtime cliques. Morning wakes to waffles dressed in caramelized bananas and the lunchtime whistle blows for pulled, bbq chicken sandwiches (desserts like the warmed pecan triangle are included 11am-2pm).

A palpable shift settles in at supper with its quasi-polished persona, reminiscent of mom expecting dinner guests and warning you to be on your best behavior. Nostalgic plates of pot roast keep the home fires burning, while diverse fare unfolds, from bacon wrapped shrimp and cheese grits to stuffed red peppers served with polenta and white bean stew. Unassuming and comfortable in its own skin, the tasty appeal of this adorable star comes from its oblivious nature to how wonderful it truly is.
*Make sure to leave time because the service can be DEATHLY slow.

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