Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's Up(country)? - Lavender Farm, Kula

Purple Rain
A mist clung to our clothes since we were pretty much in the clouds. Upcountry couldn’t be any more “up” unless we were talking to St. Peter and its panoramic sights reminded me of clicking through slides in one of those viewfinders I had as a kid.

We breathed in a dizzying dose of airborne lucidity as we entered Alii Kula lavender farm, nature’s version of the chloroform rag, except with a crisp, flowery scent. We were heady from the fumes, but they brought a sense of calm, which was only accentuated by the minimalist landscaping and a gargantuan Buddah perched, cross-legged atop the mountain.

Up to our heads in horticulture, we descended a trail that looped around and ended at the gift shop – only about a 10 minute adventure, unless you took the tour (inclduing lavender scones and tea for $25.) Scattered plants showed brilliant blooms, but it was largely varying bushes of lavender - not the most exciting destination, but worth a stop for the view and to see what the world’s best underwear drawer would smell like.

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