Friday, January 7, 2011

Celebrating 2011 with (all) Purpose (flour)

New Year’s Eve Resolutions

I was ready to ring in the New Year and who says you have to wait until January first to start making changes? So I decided to begin my ritual of resolutions on New Year's Eve.

1) Work on vocabulary: You say potato, I say spectacular spud. Doused with butter, cream and cheddar, this sassy starch became the "soup-er" star of the evening.

2) Eat more greens: As long as they’re caramelized in the oven with olive oil, sprinklings of salt and sugar, topped with parmesan and served with a slab of prime rib.

3)Exercise more: For some reason it just doesn’t feel like a workout when you're dressed in silver pants and in the middle of a dance-off. XBOX Dance Central is my new best friend. I’m already feeling the burn…of getting served!


cyn_de said...

I love you Laur!!! Your witty humor and excellent writing make me feel like I am having a conversation with make me laugh out loud.

Lauren Ciallella said...

Thanks so much Tort! Glad I could give you a laugh from 3,000 miles away :)