Thursday, August 14, 2008

San Diego pizzeria- Ciro's

Ciro’s (1226 University Ave) reminds me of Disneyland, where I’m nickel and dimed for every ounce of enjoyment they can suck from my soul.

A 50 cent charge is included on debit purchases under 10 dollars and since a majortiy of their business is pizza by the slice (two slices and fountain soda for six dollars) and since I never carry cash, this is annoying.

It’s also disturbing that an extra side of blue cheese is close to a dollar and even more disturbing that they almost forgot to give it to me. I caught that, but only noticed the absence of my celery and carrots when I got home. If you’re going to gouge people, at least give them what they paid for.

But they really don’t seem to care what you paid for, if you’ve ordered or whether you’ve been standing there for 10 minutes while they call Joey to see if he’s, “up for getting trashed later.” But the tip jar is proudly pushed to the front of the counter for their stellar service (why am I tipping you for handing me a slice and a cup?)

The pizza is thin crust and tasty, but the margarita pizza is the only one I would make a special trip back for. Chopped tomatoes instead of sliced made this a noteworthy version with a perfect balance of garlic and basil.

And the wings, they would be ordered again. Their original blend gave a little sweet, a little spice and plenty of meat, but get ready to pay through the nose if you order 25 wings and like blue cheese.

Clearly built for the drunken stragglers of Universal who are willing to pour out their pockets for a bit of late night grease, Ciro’s looks much different in the light of day. The attitude, effort and additional costs make it easy for Ciro’s to remain a one night stand.*

*I did just receive a $5 off coupon for delivery, so maybe I’ll invite Ciro’s back to my bedside again (but only if I’m looking for a late night booty call.)