Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Plantation House - Kaanapali

Eggs Benedict Arnold
Our friends told us to check out the Plantation House for its stellar ocean views, so when we arrived at a pristine golf course I wondered if we were in the right place. But a few steps down a hushed hallway, there it was…our room with a view.

It only took 10 minutes to get a window seat - score! The host was a mustachioed master of ceremonies who seemed to delight in his work. After seating us, he said, “How do you like my screen-saver?” We liked! But unfortunately the food didn't live up to the landscape.

My hubby and I both ordered one of their specialty eggs benedict - he tried the crab cake version and I had Blackstone (sausage instead of Canadian bacon.) Two words for you: broken hollandaise.

This sauce was so broke it should be panhandling on a corner. I mean, I can understand it being a touch runny, but this was congealed and completely separated. I was surprised that any chef would let this leave the kitchen, especially at an elite golf club. Plus, my English muffin wasn’t even toasted- nothing like soggy, raw bread to soak up an utterly hopeless hollandaise. Besides the hollandaise mishap and the atmosphere being a bit stuffy, the service was impeccable and the view was worth a fee. Will I be back? All I can say is, if it’s broke, then fix it.

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