Tuesday, April 1, 2008

San Diego restaurant - Epilogue to Urban Solace

Bluegrass Brunch

I said I was going back and I meant it. It was on my fourth trip where the air wafted banjos and biscuits introducing Sunday’s Bluegrass Brunch. Twangs of guitar and a $6 bloody Mary continued the mental wake up call, alerting us to a menu boasting many of my previously declared Solace favorites (burger, Caesar, sweet potato fries* [SPF*]), but adding an array of admirable breakfast triumphs.

Did I say who needs gravy? Scratch that. I do. Topaz colored, sausage gravy covered biscuits topped with split sausages red as garnets. My (literal) gravy train had finally arrived.

Straying off track from steadfast rules of grammar, Solace decided to spell their BLT with an “E” in front for the egg on top. This EBLT earned its true place on the breakfast lineup, not only because of the “E”, but with brown sugar, cured bacon on sturdy egg bread that soaked in how simple elements could collectively bring out the best of each flavor (served with none other than SPF*).

side note: small details like ceramic ramekins of salt and pepper (brought by request) were a classy touch and even more impressive that I hadn’t noticed their absence in prior visits - good seasoning me thinks.

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