Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blue Water Grill- Manhattan, Union Square

My Blue Heaven
The passion fruit cosmopolitan made me passionate…about drinking more of them. This cocky cocktail had been on my mind since I had first laid hands on it's orange-you-glad-to-see-me hue three years before. Never had I seen it replicated and it didn’t hesitate to win me over upon my return.

But Blue Water’s polished interior with dazzling, red-shaded chandeliers and pristine tabletops was nothing compared to the people-watching haven taking place outside. This thin stretch of space was elevated enough for a bird’s eye view, while still connecting to the man on the streets, making for my favorite pastime - watching the world go by.

We decided to go with sushi, though I was sad to leave behind my old standby, the shrimp/Maine lobster "BLT" with lime vinagriette, but just as their cocktail had kept me awestruck, their Monster roll left its Sasquatch-sized imprint on my mind (and palate.)

Best sushi roll I ever tasted - the Monster roll
Not being the most adventurous sushi sampler, I wanted something along the lines of a spicy tuna roll, but instead found a hybrid that exceeded my expectations. The entire roll of seaweed, rice and finely sliced ahi was mummified in a tempura shell with its spicy mayo demurely swirled on the side. The fish was untouched by the batter and remained delicate, but the crunch of tempura added that final element like lightning to Frankenstein's monster (roll.) It’s alive!

My hungry hubby went for the Phad Thai roll with shrimp, ahi, spicy mayo, peanuts…it was a bit of a mish-mash and a little too much sauce atop. Good in theory, but in the end, it was bye-bye phad thai.

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