Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Cookie Chew - San Diego

Big League Chew
I’m always scouting out new bars in North Park and I couldn’t have gotten luckier than finding a fresh joint on St. Paddy’s Day. But when I’m talking bars, I’m talking candy bars, and something sweet was going down at the North Park Farmer’s Market.

The Cookie Chew snuggled full bars of Butterfingers, Twix, Reese’s Cups, etc. between homemade, half sugar/ half chocolate cookies ($2 each). I couldn’t think of a better present for my Almond Joy-loving Dad and even threw in a couple cookies stuffed with macadamia-salted-caramel-clusters (Turtles) for my step-mom, so she wouldn’t get jealous.

Of course, I had to reward myself for being such a considerate daughter and decided to sample what I call the “Snookie” (Snickers stuffed cookie), and though Snickers might satisfy, the Snookie blows you (away).

I couldn’t forget my husband in the deal and went for a couple of truffies = cookie covered truffles. Dark chocolate, cayenne & cinnamon delivered heat and sweet in one neatly packaged bite (my favorite).

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the best way I knew how (without getting arrested), I grabbed the last dark chocolate and Bailey’s Irish Cream – the luck of the Italian, I guess.

It didn’t stand out, but I still admired their dare-to-dream flavor combinations, including samplings of dark chocolate/ginger truffies, along with a test batch of peanut butter/ Sriracha. Neither were very potent, but I was on board with their train of thought (plus, they were still tweaking the recipe).

It was one of those ah-ha moments where you questioned why no one had thought of this before. It was simple genius, but then again, so was owner, Liz Chou, who played on her name while playing with her food, turning clients into Cookie Monsters by the batch (with help from her fiance, Brad). And unlike the delicacy of green beer, The Cookie Chew appeared at NP Farmer’s Market every Thurs.

For more info about The Cookie Chew – check it out:


With a mouth full of cookies said...

Thanks Lauren!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the cookies! I just tried to send you a message back but your email kicked back to me. Just wanting to say thanks!! ;)

Lauren Ciallella said...

I'm sure I will see you soon :)