Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kaanapali Fish Market

Oyster Shoot-out
We headed over to Kaanapali fish market for an easy lunch. Mahi and ono were on the menu, so we went for mahi sandwich (a little dry) with caramelized onions and homemade tartar. While we waited, Bubba asked me if I wanted an oyster shooter- of course! They were in an ice bucket on the counter for $1 a piece, so we each grabbed two.

We had already paid for the sandwiches, so Bubba went to pay for the oysters when a different man came out with our order (he didn’t speak much English) and we told him we wanted to pay for 4 oysters. He said, “Ok,” then walked away. We thought he went to get the owner that originally rang us up, but instead he returned with 4 more oysters. We started to say no, but decided why not –they were pretty delicious. When the owner did finally come over, Bubba held out a $10 bill and said, “We had 8 oysters."

“Are you sure you don’t wanna make it 10?” Again, we were easily swayed. But instead of taking our money, he left and came back with a plate of 10 oysters wrapped to-go. They just wouldn’t stop coming!!

Finally, we got our point across that we had already eaten most of the oysters, to which he replied, “I’m always the last to know” in a relaxed manner that made it obvious why. Nothing like a snappy island version of “Who’s on Third?” to start off another perfect day in Maui.

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