Thursday, April 17, 2008

San Deigo restaurant- Farmhouse Cafe

Cultivating the buds of my tongue, Farmhouse Café (FHC) plowed through all Sunday brunching desires and planted its name firmly in my head for future jaunts. This miniature postcard of a bistro, stamped with a signature duck awning, took us from the ninety degree heat to cool grays and soft bulbs accentuating a lineup of about 20 wooden ducks (all with nametags- we sat between Stacey and Avry).

It was about 1:30pm so there was no wait (perfect timing since the place only fits about 30). Time to re-hydrate…with alcohol! I got the passion fruit mimosa that swirled thick nectar into the bubbly for $7 and beer was on tap at $4 a pilsner glass. Forget about the drinks- the food, the food…

The FHC burger kept winking at me with its allure of pickled onions and Tillamook cheddar, but ultimately pursued the flirtation with garlic aioli (Dear Ketchup, I am seeing someone else- we’re through.) The mixed greens and roasted tomato finished the job nicely with my audible sound effects proving further infatuation. Fries had a grease-ful grace about them- astute appearance, tapered shape and not a soggy one in the bunch.

We had to break some eggs since it was brunch and the Farmhouse “Frenches” fabulously. Eggs en cocotte- eggs, spinach and parmesan cream- arrived simmering in its individual pot of splendor, adorned with a woven quilt of potato threads tucking me into potato galette- the Farm’s version of home fries. Tasty tip: order the ricotta pancake (petit version) with orange wedges as a starter for the table.

Hands down, this is my number one pick right now for burgers, breakfast and undoubtedly more (dinner menu features- app: caramelized onion flatbread, crispy bacon, arugula, aged parmesan and balsamic reduction, entrée: house-made fettuccine with spring lamb Bolognese- I’m there!) Besides the food, the quality people running the Farm are the real deal. Chef Olivier Bioteau flowed in and out of the kitchen, chatting with friends and wife, Rochelle, who figure-eights the front of the house in her efficient, welcoming manner. The Farmhouse’s intimate nature forces you to be involved with your surroundings, but in the most charming way.

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