Saturday, April 19, 2008

San Diego restaurant- Rosie O'Grady's

A Good Catholic Bar

Blending those God-fearing Irish and Mexican cultures, Rosie O’Grady’s (3402 Adams Ave) potent splash of Chicago charm acts as a backdrop where Norm and Cliff’s west coast doppelgangers might come to rest their weary livers. Everybody knows your name and another important one- Mary. Bloody Mary that is, served up as a spicy homebrew that clears the sinuses and heavy heads.

The all-you-can-eat seven dollar brunch doesn’t hurt either with healing powers all its own. Order at the back window and witness the blessed birth of fried French toast- a true breakfast miracle with its crispy, syrup-doused shell dissolving into billowy tears of bread flesh. Eggs, corned beef hash, breakfast burritos and other gluttonous sins are also included in the brunch has this “church” filled with believers every Sunday morning. Religion might be the opium of the people, but fried French toast is a close second.

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