Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Mixx - Manasquan, NJ

The Mixx is a Miss
It’s nearly impossible to get in The Mixx, not because of the crowds, but because they’re never open during said business hours. On a Thursday afternoon in August, we headed down for lunch: CLOSED.

Their website said they should be open, but that was alright, the giant red-lettered banner hanging out front advertised, “Sunday Brunch 10am-3pm”, so we’d be back.

Sunday, 1pm: CLOSED. We noticed a man inside wearing a chef’s coat, so we waved at him to ask when they would be open next , but he set his gaze upon us and walked out of the room. Nothing like customer service…

My question: Who can afford to be closed on a summer weekend at the Jersey Shore? On top of that, who blatantly ignores customers approaching the restaurant? If you don’t want the business, then you might want to take down the enormous banner advertising otherwise.

Crab dip makes me crabby: The biggest disappointment (and MAJOR inconvenience) was that my 91 year old grandmother was along for the ride both times since our visit had been based on her desire for their warm crab dip, which she adored (the one time she actually got in.) And their menu had sounded amazing...I was so excited to try the duck spring rolls.

But it looked like I’d have to go without and Grandma would have to savor her mind’s memory because The Mixx didn't give the quick fix it promised and that was something that needed to be fixed…quick.

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