Friday, April 11, 2008

Boston restaurant- Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury St.

A blustery afternoon led me to this downstairs tavern (240A Newbury St Ste 1)named after Gatsby's great love, offering authentic Boston feel from the heavily accented, female barkeep to the Patriots' fans cheering their team to victory.

I was worried that the holiday spirit had gotten the best of me when I ordered the candy cane martini, nervous I would end up with a glass of peppermint Schnapps, but was pleased to find fresh espresso from Ciao Bella (the bay-windowed Italian eatery upstairs) and vodka as the base of the drink, the candy cane making its only appearance in the crystallized red and white rim and mini stirrer.

Bar food is an art form and Daisy's canvas was the deep fryer. Some of the best wings reside here with crispy skin and tender meat, along with mozzarella sticks and cheese fries that are greasily gourmet.

Though I've never been at night (which seems lucky after hearing it turns into a crowded, underage hangout), the service and finger-licking libations warmed me from the inside out.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit, that place sucks. Are you fucking retarded? Go back to Temptations or Bar A if you want to hang out with slimy scumbags and tricked out hookers.

Lauren C said...

O-K! Thanks for that insight. I went to Daisy's during the day and had no run-ins with the "pimps and hoes" in which you speak (and it in no way resembled Bar A), but their nighttime reputation has gotten back to me- scandalous!
Lacking the background info, I only noticed my fabulous drink and the greasily satisfying treats- so until I see the slutty side of Daisy, I'm a fan.