Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update- San Diego worthwhile deals

In reference to the "Brother, can you spare a dime?" post

Unfortunately, some of the deals I mentioned in my 2/4/09 post have now changed. I guess everyone is starting to have faith in the economy again? I don't know, but either way, The Wine Vault and Bistro have raised their Saturday 5-course tasting menu from $25 to $30.

The Better Half has also bumped up the price on their Blue Plate Economy Special from $15 to $20. For the extra fee they've added an amuse bouche and a mid-course palate cleansing of lemon sorbet (served in mini-cones,) but I don't know if it was worth $5. The worst part of all is that they finally changed their ridiculously low corking fee from $5 to $15.

Guess I'm back to searching the city for the next best deal.

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